1. Feedstock Production

GF Precicast Ceramics produces high performance ceramic granulate feedstocks for Hi Silica or Silica Zircon core types, with different particle size distribution, excellent high temperature stability and where core leachability is a concern. Used for EQX, DS and SX castings. Our expertise is in the IGT and aeronautical market. We produce both serpentine cores for blades and vanes and solid cores for big structural parts.
With our Capillary Rheometer we verify the Rheological characteristics of our feedstock throughout production.

2. Tooling and Injection

The core injection department is equipped with computerized full automatic injection presses and high performance injection dies to produce cores with high dimensional accuracy and surface finishes.

3. Debinding and Firing furnaces

GF Precicast Ceramics's computer controlled Debinding and Firing furnaces ensures an optimal process controll, consistent dimensional accuracy, process stability and yields.

4. Core Finishing

Highly specialized and trained staff members manually polish each core before undergoing core inspection.

5. Quality Inspection

Several quality inspection steps are performed throughout the development and manufacturing process, in order to continuously improve our processes.
Chemical analysis and mechanical properties inspections.

Integrity inspection
Dimensional inspection con ATOS system