Product Development

A group of critical factors related to the strong sensitivity of the casting process like the composition of the alloy and the use of the ceramic cores which are increasingly thinner and delicate, have made the development of these products highly unpredictable with heavy consequences on the terms and project costs.

The development process can no longer simply rely on empirical methods derived from experience or intuition. It requires now a systematic and scientific approach in which the process of the shell mold filling and the metal solidification play a central role.

Therefore GF Precicast wishes to improve the time and the efficiency to bring such products on the market.



Before finalizing the final offer to the customer GF Precicast performs concurrent engineering activities.
A full team of engineers and specialists such as metallurgists, mechanical engineers, quality engineers, process specialists, project managers are working daily  jointly with our customers in order to optimize part design in early development stage, not only for improvement of its final application but also to ensure industrial feasibility.

Depending on the technical risk and complexity of the part, an feasibility study can take place before the development activities.

At the project kick-off all customers requirements and technical documentation are carefully screened.

In order to save cost and time GF Precicast predicts the outcome of a specific process design using a numerical modelling software for solidification control and evaluation.

Whenever it is possible SLA/SLS patterns are produced before having wax pattern die so that casting trials can be launched just after starting the development activity.